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Sunrun Inc. is a United States-based provider of residential solar electricity, headquartered in San Francisco, California.

One angry customer shared this in a review " It's not worth it, Stay Away from Sunrun! I was supposed to get $500 Home Depot gift card after the installation this February 2020 but they refused to send the gift card to me. I called the Customer Service, and they said I was supposed to get a written note from the sales rep. I called the sales rep and he confirmed that I was supposed to get the gift card. He called his supervisor to reminded him about the gift card and the supervisor said he would work on it but up till now nothing has happened. Regarding the performances, you are better off without their solar system because your energy bills will be double of what you are paying before the installation."


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Former Employee - FSC says

"Hostile work environment. Management does not listen when you tell them you do not feel safe. Training was almost nonexistent."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Nothing is good about this company. Bad leadership"

Former Employee - Branch Operations Manager says

"Women working in the field are expected to take verbal abuse from male co-workers, and if they complain are told to be more "respectful". I expected so much better from a company with a female CEO, but it's just the same old boys' club in construction."

Former Employee - Superintendent says

"Extremely poor upper management decision making at the VP level and above resulting in wasted money. Pay is low and the installation goals set by management are unrealistic and unattainable. Corporate office is top heavy with bean counters holding big fancy titles and not enough employees in the field who do the majority of the work. Very high turn over in employees due to burn out and lack of trust. poor planning altogether."

Former Employee - PV Systems Designer says

"Shortly after they hired my cohort, they laid off a good portion of the department. Then they gave away our personal information, making it necessary for everyone to visit the IRS in person to identify themselves. Less than 2 months later, they had the nerve to offer me a $.25/hour raise -- and they said that was considered on the higher end because I was a top performer."

Former Employee - Project Coordinator says

"No diversity in the department, sometimes clueless management, poor pay"

Former Employee - Field Sales Consultant says

"Management was horrendous. The lack of organization, and knowledge of the solar industry is simply laughable. However, what is worse, is that I believe this to be an issue far above the territory level. The company’s sales process, and structure is so mismanaged, that it has to be at a corporate level. Their approach to selling DOES NOT put the customer’s best interest forward, and their naive nature thinks that, that will not effect their sales numbers. This company only cares about numbers and not customer experience. Go read the reviews. The compensation plan is borderline offensive compared to ALL other solar companies. In our market, most Field Sales Consultants were often beaten (from a compensation standpoint) by members of the RETAIL TEAM! In the solar field, that is simply unacceptable. I beg you to look into other solar companies’ compensations. You will make triple compared to Sunrun. The Field Sales Consultant role should be a coveted position, but only with the right company. PLEASE, take my advice and stay FAR AWAY from Sunrun."

Former Employee - Retail Sales Consultant says

"Carnival and cult like atmosphere meeting that force you to drink the coolaide. Unrelenting pressure to produce off be fired on a daily basis."

Former Employee - PV Design Engineer says

"Management is extremely hostile towards employees and always threatens to fire you. They do this to several people. They will also give you corrective action notices with HR when you try to speak up after they ask you for feedback on the company and accuse you of being unprofessional when the behavior of the managers is extremely unprofessional. They're constantly changing the metrics they use to judge your performance. Promotions have nothing to do with how skilled you are at your job, but rather how many jobs you're able to get done. Engineers are underpaid and they refuse to address the fact that they have a retention problem for this reason."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"Really bad management at the corporate level. No strategic vision leads to repeating projects or duplicating work due to lack of communication between departments. There is a bloated class of middle managers forwarding emails and holding constant, pointless meetings that accomplish nothing. This is the place to be if you read Kafka as an instructional manual. The C-suite/VP level isnt better, clearly just hiring their friends to get on the loot train before this thing implodes under it's own mismanaged weight."

Lead Generator - Solar Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Long, long, long unpaid commute.Average 4 hours in a day.Bosses steal Rep leads without shame or control.There's only one person that deals with HR issues in all US.Public company doing lots of illegal things. Fake sales to increase stock price.Incompetence everywhere. Not enough fliers, broken booth, no uniforms. They sell the "saving the environment" slogan to young professionals and minorities.Stores are full of labor workers making very hard for females.None.Long commute, low salary, leads are stolen."

In store advisor (Former Employee) says

"The field consultant can’t close a deal so you won’t be able to earn commissions expected. Price is high and it’s not easy to sell a solar in my store. There is no integrity in the team and you can make $2200 per month in average. I got 33 appointments and the company paid me $390 only in 30 days. I quit as it’s a lie that $100k annual pay in the interview."

Field Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Manager ran me out, he was afraid I was going to take his job. Constantly making fun of my religion and would talk to others about my religion. HR did nothing."

FSA (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management pay is 100X less than anywhere else. Very lazy workers. They never offered help and always caused drama. Do nor waste your time here."

Solar Technician (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot and had a lot of fun working at Sunrun. The only reason I left was because I was unable to afford living in San Jose California with what they were paying me."


"The game according to your manager you’re fired. No one takes compliance seriously. Good luck figuring out who does what when. People are hired based on their relationship to someone in the company. Huge turnover.A paycheckEverything else. They kill people."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"They hire Managers who are under under experienced experienced and keep them too long.They change compensation plans without warning. Very high turnover. They promote deceptive Sales Practices."

Solar Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management never had your back. Sky was constantly falling. Constantly asked to violate safety laws. Would not recommend working here, the product is essentially a scam for the customers anyway."

Field Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Manager working on emotions, if you're not liked your done. HR doesn't respond. I was contacted for the job, HR loved me. Manager didn't like me for some reason and apparently shared this with HR. After being offered the job HR never contacted me again. So completely unprofessional"

RSA (Current Employee) says

"Just don't. If you enjoy your life, don't. If you like no communication, horrible hours, over time without overtime pay, and GRILLING HOT DOGS, then sure this job is for you. It's a shame that this is the number 1 solar company in the world and they have no idea how to manage it ."

Lead Installer (Former Employee) says

"Leadership was the worse leadership i ever worked for. The pay was underpaid. I was there for 2 years and disrespectful and disloyal to the employees. Doesnt treat employees with reapect nor is there any job advancement in the company if your not up your bosses butt they will not like you and find any reason to get rid of you.Great installer teamPoor leadership"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking for a company to begin letting your roots down, this is not it. Everyone in this company is overworked and underpaid. There are no perks and overtime is an expected part of the culture to do without complaining or expecting compensation; not even a slice of pizza. They proudly do not hire "people with disabilities". Be smart, stay away. They kill people.nonemany"

Warehouse Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The employees like about their coworkers to try and get them fired the management forces you to work in bad weather and more hours then reasonable they also have a lot of harrassment issuesNoneEverything"

Lead Generator (Former Employee) says

"Unrealistic goals Commission structure favors only top producers Management is overworked and stressed. If goals aren't met plan on being written up and terminated. They are always replacing people"

Insatall (Current Employee) says

"Do not apply with sun run it's a waist of time and management has no idea what they are doing. It's a cut throat company with guys that have no experienceYou get be outsideManagement has to idea what they are doing"

Solar Consultant (Current Employee) says

"sold jobs that I never got paid for.....not happy......manager was not there to help train as he promised. I would not suggest working at Sunrun to anyonenonemoney"

Solar PV Lead Generator (Former Employee) says

"Good group of people I worked with, but the supervisor was strung out on drugs! I was hired by Sunrun, but for some reason, I got mixed in with the temporary employees and I didn't receive a paycheck for about 6 weeks. When the regional manager found out, I was paid the next day, but my immediate supervisor was completely strung out on drugs."

Field Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"Management is a joke and the training is worse. Just because you can sell does not make you a manager. There are plenty of solar places that will actually care about your success and pay you appropriately.Management Training Pay Hours"

Field Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The sales reps were not being paid our commissions on time. The moral was very low. We did not have equipment to sell and install. Poor management."

Solar Consultant (Former Employee) says

"You will hear empty promises and you will be overworked and most importantly you will be underpaid, that will be your life at Sunrun. Sunrun the company does very well, because you will be underpaid and they over charge for a very low end product. My advice would be to stay away, there are other solar companies out there that will compensate you much better."

john says

"Constant robo calls they suck"

Arnie Martin says

"Nobody answers the phone"

Matthew Kirchner says

"If I could give less than one star I would because I have been fighting with Sunrun for over 3 years to solve a chronic under performance issues that started after our first year. We have yet to hit our contracted values and instead of getting cheaper electricity, I pay more now for it since I have to pay DWP for the electricity that they can't produce. I was sold a bill of goods and have had a horrendous time, spending over 100 hours of my time trying to get this resolved. I am on a mission now to let everyone know that this is not the company to work with, there are better ones out there. Do yourself a favor and find another solar company."

david says

"Got a quote for solar panels via costco. Not too pleased with them 1) contract they gave me required 100% payment up front.for the entire project including installation labor.....I believe that is illegal to do that in can only collect on work completed. 2) prices were almost double the company I actually hired to put in my panels (they must pay Costco alot for leads so need money for that) 3) Their contract was surprisingly immature for such a big company 4) They had no mention on their contract about breaking roof tiles and who repairs them...other solar companies do. 5) Their in home sales rep pressured me to sign TODAY. ...and a few other things that make we want to tell you to run far away fast if you come across them. Unfortunately I learned just because Costco has a vendor in their pouch does not mean they are well vetted. Very bad business practice Costco....You should be ashamed."

John Keough says

"I signed up for solar through a s ales rep from Sunrun at Costco. I was told that a sale person would come by named Mike to my house to explain the installation etc. When Mike arrived he advised me I would receive a check for $7000.00 + from the government that if I gave it to Sunrun it would keep my payments at $99,00 a month and if not I would have to pay $144.00 a month. I asked multiple times and multiple ways and even called the company to explain to me about the refund and was given no further information. I was to find out that if you are retired or on a fixed income you obviously don't get a tax return which this is what the refund was. So now my payment goes up to $144.00 per month. Then I received a call from the company who quickly informed me if I refinance my home through them they can put my payment into my home loan. They obviously know most people wont get the refund so they have this plan from the beginning. I was also told I would receive a referral payment and was then given two different stories why not after having them install it on my mother house. First I was told they never give referral payment which is no true as my sis got one, then I was told that was an old program and they don't do it anymore which is another lie as I signed up my mother the same month as my sister signed up a friend. Now I am to find out that the four of us who got solar do not generate enough power to cover our monthly bill which has not gone up. In my experience Sunrun is either run by people who do not know what they are doing or they are just a bunch of scammers as a lot of business are these days. Do not use Sunrun if you don't want to get scammed."

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